10x50 High Power Binoculars - Great for Astronomy and Hunting

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Our Slokey 10x50 Binoculars have a 2-year warranty that ensures you exceptional quality and durability giving you years of enjoyment… Tested by thousands of satisfied customers, YOU are guaranteed to love them… BUY TODAY AND SAVE!


Get the ideal power to see in great detail… 10x magnification binoculars. YOU will get large objectives to achieve MAXIMUM light transmission… making the Slokey 10x50 YOUR - BEST - CHOICE for hunting and astronomy because YOU can use them in LOW LIGHT conditions. They will also be great for many more outdoor activities such as nature watching and camping… Add them to your cart and enjoy their wonderful views!


Get the Slokey 10x50 binoculars equipped with optical lenses Fully Multi Coated (FMC) and BK7 prisms to achieve views with an amazing brightness… PLUS you avoid any distortion on the views thanks to their lens treatment so that YOUR views are the most faithful to the real color of the image… Get the binoculars YOU deserve today… 9 out of 10 people who tried our binoculars say they would recommend them to their friends.


Aluminum body with durable rubber coating to ensure you a GREATER DURABILITY that will resist the most difficult weather conditions such as rain, fog and dust... YOU will also get a water-resistant non-slip surface PLUS a comfortable and steady grip for YOU to enjoy them to the fullest. * IMPORTANT: They weight 765 grams... If you prefer lighter binoculars, we recommend you our Slokey 8x32 or 10x42.


Choosing binoculars can be difficult... We make it easy for you. The Slokey 10x50 are ideal for low light conditions activities such as astronomy and hunting (they can also be used during the day). The Slokey 10x42, being lighter, are more versatile and can be used for practically everything: hunting, camping, hiking... The Slokey 8x32 have less power but a wider field of view, the best for birdwatching, PLUS they are even lighter and 100% waterproof…

High Power 10x50 Binoculars for Adults – Achieve Maximum Light Transmission for Bright Images - #1 in Quality-Price

The Best Budget Binoculars Available... Join Thousands of Satisfied Customers

The Slokey 10x50 were created to PROVIDE YOU incredible views even in low light conditions… even during twilight… Making them YOUR - BEST - CHOICE for astronomy and hunting, among other activites. You will get clear and bright images thanks to the big objectives designed to achieve MAXIMUM LIGHT TRANSMISSION at all times. You get quality, functionality and reliability in every aspect of your binoculars… giving you the BEST EXPERIENCE you can get in your love of nature... See for Yourself why Slokey is the Highest Rated product in binoculars...

Very nice does the job

Very nice binoculars, views the night sky beautifully, good large view. — J. Roper - Verified Purchase

Well made

Good sturdy construction. Good optics. Well packaged. Good delivery. — P. R. Simkins - Verified Purchase

Highly recommended

Very satisfied with this product. Highly recommended. — Ancuta-Marcela Miclaus - Verified Purchase

Good value for money

Very happy, sturdy construction ,easy grip,clear crisp viewing,plus good carry case and nice padded strap. — Chadbiff - Verified Purchase

3 Advantages You Get With The Slokey 10x50 Binoculars

Your Ideal Power

Powerful binoculars with 10x magnification, to give you great detail when observing nature. YOU get the ideal power, increasing reality by 10 times, enough to see every detail but without shaking the image… and at the same time preserving enough field of view.

Brighter Images for You

Get the BEST bright and clear images now… these binoculars use a corrective OPTICAL COATING that will give YOU excellent light transmission and color fidelity… PLUS they have improved contrast and resolution to give you GREATER PERFORMANCE.

Get Greater Durability Now

YOU get greater durability thanks to a rubber coating that will RESIST the most DIFFICULT WEATHER conditions such as rain and dust... In an excellent ergonomic design that will provide you a comfortable NON-SLIP GRIP... It’s the perfect binocular for you.

Your Ideal Binoculars for Astronomy, Stargazing, Hunting and Observing Nature

Astronomy & Stargazing

Discover the sky at night with the powerful Slokey 10x50… See the stars and the moon in CRISP CLEAR IMAGES and locate quickly any celestial object you desire… PLUS you get the EXTRA LUMINOSITY needed when stargazing with these amazing binoculars… Take your astronomy to the next level NOW!


IDEAL for waiting hunting or standing hunting. You will GET the RIGHT SHARPNESS and the optimal lens quality needed to use a binocular at dawn or near twilight. Allowing YOU to make a clear inspection of the entire area to locate your prey.

Nature and Wildlife

Discover the exciting world of observing nature and its wildlife in its natural environment with these powerful 10x50 binoculars. YOU will get a bright and clear view, with the MAXIMUM light transmission… everything YOU NEED… But if you are looking for a lighter binocular, we recommend you our Slokey 8x32 or 10x42.

Bird Watching

Do want to get started in birdwatching? If so, these binoculars will be great for YOU… Their POWERFUL and BRIGHT LENS will allow you to view every detail even in the plumage. However, if you’d like to take your birding to another level, you must check out the Slokey 8x32 binoculars with extra field of view for you to EASILY FOLLOW BIRDS IN FLIGHT.

We Also Recommend You to Try Our Astronomical Telescope SkyWays 40070 – Ideal for Children and Adult Beginners – #1 Seller Telescope

The Best Astronomy Initiation Telescope – Super Powerful, Lightweight and Portable – Best Gift for Kids and Beginners


The Slokey 40070 telescope has the right cost for the good quality it provides you. The telescope assembly is simple and easy for anyone with little or no prior knowledge. The instructions include illustrations at each step of the assembly. The telescope body, accessories and tripod are lightweight and fit comfortably in the included case for easy transport.

A 3x Barlow lens and two eyepieces (25 mm and 10 mm) offer different magnification levels. The maximum power is 120x and will provide you with clear images of the moon, the planets and stars from afar. In addition, it includes a phone adapter to take photos and videos. The telescope is also practical to use for nature and animal observation.


  • Quick Assembly... The first time it is mounted it usually takes 10-20 minutes. With a little practice, it will take less than 5 minutes. The instructions detail each step with illustrations to make assembly quick and easy.
  • Cost - Quality... The affordability of the Slokey 40070 telescope makes it the ideal choice for beginners looking for a telescope that meets a good quality to cost ratio.
  • Simplicity and Convenience... The eyepieces are easily exchanged, and the focusing wheel uses a system that allows an easy and precise adjustment to produce a sharp image. The special tripod design simplifies the confusing process of tracking celestial objects.
  • Optical Quality... The Slokey 40070 can reach a maximum magnification of 120x. The lenses are treated with an FMC ("Full Multiple Coating") coating and composed with a green layer that helps increase the brightness of celestial objects.

Click here to get this telescope today to enjoy and spend more time with your family... It will be the perfect gift for any child... With hundreds of positive reviews... The most cost-effective telescope available... Get it TODAY