Astronomical Telescope SkyWays 50080 - Portable and Powerful 20x-250x for Adult Beginners

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Very professional piece of equipment, worth every penny! Love this telescope, it's a perfect size. Big enough to do the job but not soo big that it's awkward. Very easy to install and use. I am very impressed by magnification. This telescope is well worth the money! - Christopher, verified purchase

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Get a 2-year warranty with your Slokey Astronomical Telescope that ensures you exceptional quality and durability giving you years of enjoyment… Tested by thousands of satisfied customers, YOU are guaranteed to love them… BUY TODAY WITHOUT RISK AND SAVE!


Trust the #1 brand of telescopes and binoculars... Perfect for astronomical observation of Planets, Galaxies and Nebulae... as well as for earth observation... SUPER POWERFUL for observing every detail of the deep sky with a rugged and stable tripod for steady, adjustable viewing so you can sit while using your telescope... GET THE #1 ADULT TELESCOPE NOW! 


You will get incredible clarity and luminosity with sharp and brilliant images thanks to its excellent optics... You will also get a SUPER powerful telescope lens with a professional design, robust, stable and easy to mount... so you can have a clear vision of the Moon, Planets and Galaxies... Easy to use even for beginners... It will be the perfect gift for any adult beginner or amateur...


You will get 3 eyepieces of 25 mm, 10 mm and 6 mm that will provide incredible views of celestial objects during the night and terrestrial objects during the day... You will also get a 3x Barlow lens that will give you 3 times more magnification... Offering adjustable power of 20x, 50x, 83x, 150x and 250x to adapt to any situation... Get it Today... Take advantage of this offer


You will get Clear and Detailed Images of Saturn's Rings, Jupiter's Moons, Andromeda's Galaxy, Orion's Nebula, the Pleiades and much more... You will get a professional tripod made of stainless steel, robust and portable, super easy to set up and use even for a beginner... Get your IDEAL telescope today... 9 out of 10 people who have tried it would recommend it.

Great Entry-Level Telescope for Astronomy - Ideal for Adult Beginners to Start Observing the Universe - Great Quality and Power 20x-250x

Telescope Recommended by Experts for Beginners - Powerful, Robust and Portable... Plus... YOU Get Our Phone Adapter Pro and 6 mm Eyepiece as a Gift


The Slokey Telescope SkyWays 50080 is ideal for young and adult beginners who want to start in the world of astronomy. Its assembly is simple and easy for anyone without previous knowledge. It is light and portable, always ready to grab and take it out quickly to the backyard and start observing. The instructions include illustrations in each step to make it quick and easy to assemble. The tripod is made of stainless steel, robust and stable. The body of the telescope and the high quality accessories ensure exceptional durability.

A 3x Barlow lens and three eyepieces (25 mm, 10 mm and 6 mm) offer you different levels of magnification, with a maximum power of 250x. You will get sharp and detailed images of the Moon, Saturn with its rings, the moons of Jupiter, galaxies like Andromeda and much more... In addition, you will get as a GIFT our Phone Adapter Pro (valued at 17 pounds) to take pictures and share them. You can also use this telescope to observe nature and animals.


  • Quick Assembly... The first time you assemble the telescope it will take you between 5 and 10 minutes. With a little practice, it will take about 3 minutes. The instructions in English detail each step with illustrations to make the installation quick and easy.
  • Price - Quality... The Telescope SkyWays 50080 has similar or even better quality and performance than other 250/350 £ telescopes from other brands, making it the ideal choice for beginners and hobbyists looking for a telescope that meets a good quality/cost ratio.
  • Simplicity and Convenience... The eyepieces are easily interchangeable, and the focusing wheel uses a system that allows easy and precise adjustment to produce a sharp image. The special design of the tripod simplifies the confusing process of tracking celestial objects.
  • Optical Quality... The Slokey 50080 can reach a maximum magnification of 250x. The lenses are treated with an FMC ("Fully Multi Coated") coating and composed with a green layer that helps increase the brightness of celestial objects.
  • Unbeatable Warranty... You will receive a 2 year warranty for your telescope that ensures exceptional quality and durability, plus a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason so you can buy it without risk.


  • Optical Quality and Sharpness... With an 80 mm aperture, this telescope will give you sharper, more detailed images than a 70 mm one... PLUS... The lenses are treated with an FMC coating and composed of a green layer that helps increase the brightness of celestial objects.
  • Better Quality Tripod... You will get a more professional and robust tripod to improve stability, offering you easier and more comfortable use of your telescope and better resolution images.
  • 6 mm Eyepiece Included... You will also get our 6 mm 62º Pro Aspherical Eyepiece... valued at 18 pounds... to give you a higher magnification needed to see the deep sky.
  • Red Dot Finder... Very Easy To Use.... Our red dot finderscope QuickFinder will be much easier and faster to use than the conventional finder included in other similar telescopes... allowing you to mount your telescope faster without wasting time aligning the finder.

Get the professional telescope for beginners with the best performance available. You will get quality, functionality and reliability in every aspect of this telescope... offering you the best experience you can get in your initiation to astronomical observation.

The Professional Astronomical Telescope You Were Looking For - With Hundreds of Positive Reviews... Join Thousands of Happy Customers

You Will Get Clear and Detailed Images of Saturn's Rings, Jupiter's Moons, the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), the Orion Nebula (M42), the Pleiades (M45) and more...

Lovely quality well made

"I bought this Slokey telescope because it is always ready to take it out and start looking in less than two minutes.

This telescope is powerful enough to see the moon in great detail, Jupiter and Saturn (the rings are visible). It is also good for Messier's larger and brighter objects like the Andromeda and the Orion Nebula.

It is a 10 by 10 telescope to start with astronomy, has a stable tripod and good eyepieces."

¿What will you be able to observe?

  • Moon in great detail
  • Saturn and its rings
  • Jupiter and its moons
  • Mars (when near the Earth)
  • Andromeda Galaxy (M31)
  • Orion Nebula (M42)
  • The Pleiades (M45)
  • And much more... As long as the atmospheric conditions are good to observe... It will also serve you to observe nature and animals

Pictures taken with the Telescope SkyWays 50080 and a DSLR camera in good "Atmospheric Seeing"*

*Important: Keep in mind the quality of the sky when observing through your telescope. Not only does it have to be clear, but factors such as poor light pollution and atmospheric stability will make your images less sharp and make it difficult to focus on celestial objects. Also keep in mind that many celestial objects can only be seen for a few days a year, they are not always available.

You can ask our experts if you need help.

Compact, Lightweight and Powerful... You Will Find It Useful in Any Situation

Super Powerful - Get Up To 250x Magnification - Ideal for Astronomy Beginners and Amateurs

This is the ideal telescope for beginners and hobbyists... You will get an adjustable power of 20x, 50x, 60x, 83x, 150x and 250x magnification for maximum detail.

  • With 20x magnification you can easily find celestial objects like the Moon.
  • With 83x you will see the Moon in great detail and you can start seeing (very small) planets like Jupiter if the atmospheric seeing is optimal.
  • Between 120x and 150x you will get the best ratio between power and image quality, it will allow you to start having good images of the most common celestial objects (keep in mind that this telescope is a medium range telescope for beginners, the quality of the images are not the same as those of much larger telescopes that cost much more).
  • With 250x you are already reaching the maximum that this telescope will allow you, and the images are already starting to lose quality and become difficult to focus (you will need patience and practice to see well at this power).

# 1 in Quality for Money - Great Optical Quality with All the Accessories You Need

You'll get 3 eyepieces 25mm, 10mm and 6mm of Superior Optical Quality... treated with FMC coating and anti-reflective lenses that will give you incredible images...

You'll also get a 3x Barlow lens for even more detail and a red dot finder to help you locate objects more easily.

"Very happy with this purchase: Very easy to assemble. Product description was spot on." - Neale Kelleher, verified purchase

Free Gift… Phone Adapter Pro for Taking Pictures

You get our FREE Phone Adapter Pro valued at £17... the most modern available in the market…

Take amazing photos to share with your friends... PLUS you can also zoom with the phone to get images in more detail... Fits any Smartphone and can be used with other optics such as binoculars…

Get this Free Gift TODAY... but only while we have stocks available... GET IT NOW

The Perfect Gift for a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas... Ideal for Adults to start in Astronomy... A Special and Save Gift

What else do you get with the Slokey 50080 telescope?

  • Professional, portable, full-size, robust and stable tripod
  • Waterproof carrying case to carry and store your telescope.
  • English manual with illustrations that show each step of the assembly and use to help you in your initiation to astronomy.
  • And all this in addition to the 3 eyepieces, the 3x Barlow lens, the 45º diagonal prism, the cell phone adapter, the accessory storage case, the accessory tray, the microfiber cloth... It will be the ideal gift for anyone to start in astronomy

Advantages of the Slokey 50080 Telescope... 1) Superior Optical Quality 2) Lightweight and Compact Professional Tripod 3) Includes Enhanced Red Dot Finder

Superior Optical Quality... PLUS... You will get our 6 mm Aspherical Eyepiece 62º

Get the best contrast and resolution... this telescope uses an optical correction coating that will give you excellent light transmission and color fidelity.

It reduces chromatic aberration to give you a sharp, clear image with brilliant colors.

PLUS... We give you our 6 mm Aspherical Eyepiece 62º (valued at 18 pounds) to get even better and more accurate images with your telescope.

This is the telescope you were looking for...

Compact and Lightweight, Grab & Go Telescope, Ready to Observe at Any Time... Stable and Robust Tripod... Easy to Assemble and Use

You will get a compact and lightweight, grab & go telescope ready to take it out and observe at all times... Your perfect partner to see the stars in your backyard, in group with friends and even for camping

The stainless steel tripod is compact, sturdy and stable, necessary when using enough power, which will give you a firm and stable vision for hours... We advise you to put the accessory tray on the tripod to further improve the stability and to be seated when using the telescope to be more comfortable...

Specially designed for you to mount and use it easily... In less than 10 minutes and with a little practice in less than 5 minutes... PLUS the quality of the material and finishes of the telescope ensures exceptional durability, so you can enjoy it for years... YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Includes Our Red Dot Finderscope "QuickFinder"... Which will allow you to locate objects much faster

You will also get our QuickFinder red dot finder, much easier to set up and use than conventional finderscopes.

It will save you several minutes every time you have to mount your telescope because there is no need to align it... Simply slide it into the telescope and you're done... It couldn't be easier...

"5 Stars!! (And 8 planets!):
This is a great telescope! I can easily see striping on Jupiter, Saturn's rings, and so much more! Easy to use! Must have to be on your way to exploring space from your own backyard!! Highly recommend!!" - Kristin Mitchell, verified purchase

YOU Will Get Clear and Detailed Images of the Moon, Saturn and its Rings, Jupiter with its Moons, the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), the Orion Nebula (M42), the Pleiades (M45) and much more...

Observe the Moon

Observe the moon with sharp, clear images and maximum detail with this powerful telescope.

You'll also get the extra brightness you need when observing the moon in the middle of the night thanks to the superior optical quality it provides...

Saturn, Jupiter, Mars...

YOU will be able to see the planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, but keep in mind that there are times of the year when the planets are closer to the Earth and can be seen much better; when they are far away it is difficult to see them well. Here is a summary of when they are the closest:

  • Saturn... July 20, 2020, August 2, 2021, August 14, 2022
  • Jupiter... July 14, 2020, August 20, 2021, September 26, 2022
  • Mars... 13 October 2020, 8 December 2022, 16 January 2025

Depending on the time of year you will have to look for the celestial objects that can be seen best.

Galaxies, Nebulae, Clusters, Comets...

Some of the most spectacular celestial objects are the Messier. Be patient because at first it is hard to find these objects, but they are worth it.

Try the Slokey 50080 telescope to see the Andromeda Galaxy, the Orion Nebula, the Pleiades and many more...

Its powerful, anti-glare lenses will allow you to appreciate the details of the deep sky like you've never imagined before. Enjoy clear and detailed images to observe galaxies, nebulae and celestial objects... It will give you hours and hours of enjoyment.

Improve your astronomical observation today with our Barlow 2x Lens and Moon Filter 25%... The Perfect Accessories for Your Slokey 50080

Get more levels of magnification with our 2x Barlow Lens, you'll get 40x, 100x and 167x power when used with the included eyepieces.

We also recommend our Moon Filter 25% to reduce the brightness of the Moon and other objects when they are too bright... Achieving better quality and sharper images.

Get started in astronomy with your BEST - TELESCOPE - CHOICE

Got any questions? You can ask our experts they will help you asap.