Astronomical Telescope SkyWays 40070 - Portable and Powerful 16x-120x Travel Scope

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For both children and adults. Very good quality. Easy to assemble. It's the best you can find for this price / quality! We gave it to my son on his 8th birthday and he is so happy! Wonderful for terrestrial viewing and seeing the moon in its different's great! Easy to assemble! - Paul, verified purchase

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Get a 2-year warranty with your Slokey Astronomical Telescope that ensures you exceptional quality and durability giving you years of enjoyment… Tested by thousands of satisfied customers, YOU are guaranteed to love them… BUY TODAY WITHOUT RISK AND SAVE!


Get the #1 selling telescope on Amazon Spain… Perfect for both astronomical and terrestrial observation… SUPER powerful to observe every detail but lightweight, compact and portable… Really Easy-To-Use even for Kids. You will also be able to take pictures with our FREE phone adapter included as a gift for you and your children to enjoy even more of the telescope... GET THE #1 TELESCOPE IN AMAZON NOW!


YOU will get incredible clarity and luminosity with crisp, sharp and bright images thanks to its excepcional optical… PLUS you also get a SUPER powerful telescope lens in a compact, portable and quick to assemble so you can easily see the Moon and the nearest Planets… it’s easy to use even for KIDS… This telescope will be the perfect gift for any kid or adult beginner… Don’t wait any longer and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER


You will get 2 eyepieces, 10mm and 25mm, that will provide you incredible views of celestial objects during the night and terrestrial objects during the day... YOU will also get a 3x Barlow lens that will give you 3 times more power... Offering you an adjustable power of 16x, 40x, 48x and 120x to adapt your telescope to any situation... Get the telescope YOU deserve today... 9 out of 10 people who have tried it would recommend it.


This FREE gift valued at £ 12 is the most modern phone adapter available on the market today... Take amazing pictures and videos that all your friends and family will love… PLUS… you can zoom with your phone to get an even MORE DETAILED IMAGE… It fits any smartphone and can be used with other optics such as binoculars and spotting scopes... Get this FREE GIFT TODAY but only while stocks last...

Super Powerful Astronomical and Terrestrial Telescope - Ideal for Children and Beginners to Observe the Moon and Nearby Planets - #1 in Sales

The Best Astronomy Initiation Telescope - Super Powerful, Lightweight and Portable... PLUS... You get our Phone Adapter Pro for FREE as a gift


The Slokey 40070 telescope has the right cost for the good quality it provides you. The telescope assembly is simple and easy for anyone with little or no prior knowledge. The instructions include illustrations at each step of the assembly to help clarify any text. The telescope body, accessories and tripod are lightweight and fit comfortably in the included case for easy transport.

A 3x Barlow lens and two eyepieces (25 mm and 10 mm) offer different magnification levels. The maximum power is 120x and will provide you with clear images of the moon, the planets and stars from afar. In addition, it includes a phone adapter to take photos and videos. The telescope is also practical to use for nature and animal observation.


  • Quick Assembly... The first time it is mounted it usually takes 10-20 minutes. With a little practice, it will take less than 5 minutes. The instructions detail each step with illustrations to make assembly quick and easy.
  • Cost - Quality... The affordability of the Slokey 40070 telescope makes it the ideal choice for beginners looking for a telescope that meets a good quality to cost ratio.
  • Simplicity and Convenience... The eyepieces are easily exchanged, and the focusing wheel uses a system that allows an easy and precise adjustment to produce a sharp image. The special tripod design simplifies the confusing process of tracking celestial objects.
  • Optical Quality... The Slokey 40070 can reach a maximum magnification of 120x. The lenses are treated with an FMC ("Fully Multi Coated") coating and composed with a green layer that helps increase the brightness of celestial objects.
  • Unbeatable Warranty... You will receive a 2 year warranty for your telescope that ensures exceptional quality and durability, plus a money back guarantee for any reason so you can buy it without risk.

Obtain today the astronomy initiation telescope with the best performance available today. You will get quality, functionality and reliability in every aspect of this telescope... Offering you the best experience you can get in your initiation to astronomical observation.

The Telescope You Were Looking For... Powerful & Lightweight Travel Scope To Carry Anywhere

Lovely quality well made

it was supposed to be a gift but as normal I decided to check it was okay first and now am hooked and so I'm trying to decide whether I'm treating myself to one as well.

I love astronomy but have never justified spending a vast fortune on a telescope so have owned a couple of low end models an to be honest though they worked they weren't exactly great either, so in purchasing this one I was expecting something acceptable.

What I actually received though far exceeded my expectations, nicely boxed in a branded box with handle, inside you have a good nylon storage bag containing all the components. For a start even the tripod it sits on is a nicely made affair, not too heavy but decent thickness metal struts ensure the telescope is secure and remains stable during use.

It comes with two eyepieces as well a 10x and 25x and the main scope features some very good optics for not only superior zooming capability but also a nice clear image of most familiar objects in the night sky, you also get loads of extras from cleaning cloths, well written guides, small zippered bag for your optics, a 45 degree lens and we haven't even finished yet as you also get a 3x Barlow lens for some great close up shots and a mobile phone adaptor so you can view the image on your phone and then use your phone to digitally zoom even closer.

The main scope is produced of good quality plastics with a wide diameter end and the whole thing nicely branded and features metal fittings to ensure the thing lasts. Compared to some of the only slightly cheaper models this is an a whole different ball game, it's not a high end scope but most certainly is a serious piece of equipment clearly aimed at those who are seriously considering a hobby in astronomy and for the prices versus the quality and amount of kit you get for said money I very much doubt it can be bettered. —Justin Fryer, Top 1 Reviewer on - Verified Purchase

Compact, Lightweight and Powerful... You Will Find Them Useful in Any Situation

Super Powerful - Get up to 120x Magnification - Ideal for Getting Started in Astronomy

Get the perfect telescope to start in astronomy... You will get an adjustable power of 16x, 40x, 48x and 120x magnification to adapt the telescope to any situation you need and get maximum detail.

  • With 16x magnification you can easily find celestial objects like the moon.
  • With 40x and 48x you will begin to see with considerable detail.
  • With 120x magnification you will get the perfect power to see accurately.
  • In addition, you can use the mobile zoom to get up to 240x (quality will decrease).

#1 in Quality / Cost Ratio - Great Optical Quality with all the Accessories YOU Need

You will get a 10mm and 25mm eyepiece of Superior Optical Quality... treated with FMC coating and anti-reflective lenses that will give you incredible images…

You will also get a 3x Barlow lens to see even more detail and a 5x24 scopefinder that will help you locate objects easily.

Free Gift… Phone Adapter Pro for Taking Pictures

You get our FREE Phone Adapter Pro valued at £17... the most modern available in the market…

Make amazing photos and videos to share with your friends... PLUS you can also zoom with the phone to get images in more detail... Fits any Smartphone and can be used with other optics such as binoculars…

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Includes High Tripod, Carrying Case and Complete Manual in English

What else do you get with the Slokey 40070 telescope?

  • Lightweight, full-size and stable tripod.
  • Water resistant carrying case to take the telescope and store it.
  • Manual with illustrations that show each step of the assembly and use to help you in your initiation to astronomy.
  • And all this in addition to the 2 eyepieces, the 3x Barlow lens, the 45º diagonal prism, the phone adapter, the accessory storage case, the microfiber cloth...

3 Advantages of the Slokey SkyWays 40070 Telescope

Superior Optical Quality

Get the best contrast and resolution... this telescope uses a Corrective Optical Coating that will give YOU an excellent light transmission and color fidelity.

It also reduces the chromatic aberration to offer you a sharp and clear image with bright colors.

This is the telescope you were looking for.

Super Light, Compact and Portable

You will get an ultra light and compact telescope and tripod specially designed so that you can transport, assemble and use it very easily.

In addition, to get the MAXIMUM STABILITY we recommend hanging some weight of the tripod, you will find it explained in detail in the manual included with many other tips...

Ideal for Children and Beginners

The ideal telescope for both beginner adults and children... Its assembly is easy and fast so you can enjoy it to the fullest as soon as possible...

With a tripod with adjustable legs between 49cm and 139cm, and has tripod head 360º rotatable so you can point the telescope in any direction... favoring its use for both children and adults.

This will be a great gift to spend more time doing family activities.

Compact, Lightweight and Powerful... You Will Find Them Useful in Any Situation


See the mon with crisp, clear images and with maximum detail with this powerful telescope.

YOU will also get the additional luminosity needed when you observe the moon in the middle of the night thanks to the superior optical quality that it will provide.

Celestial Objects

Discover the night sky and its celestial bodies as you have never imagined.

Look at the nearest planets like Jupiter, Mars and Saturn and quickly locate the celestial objects you want.

#1 Telescope to Begin in Astronomy... for both Children and Beginner Adults

Nature and Fauna

Use it during the day to observe nature and its landscapes, with bright and clear images.

Everything you need... in a compact telescope, super light and easy to assemble. It will give you hours and hours of enjoyment.

Bird Watching

You will also be able to see birds and other animals... This telescope's power and sharpness will allow you to appreciate the details of the plumage, practically no matter how far away they are.

You can also take pictures with the Phone Adapter Pro that you will get as a FREE gift with this telescope (valued at £17).